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We are active in our local IES Chapter in Winnipeg.

Our Roots.

Founded on many years of experience in different facets of the electrical & lighting industry, Handford Marketing began in 1997.

Our Philosophy.

Our core philosophy is the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated. Business is done by people dealing with people. As such, our foundational cornerstones have been integrity, trust and service.

Why choose Us.

These ideals, along with great manufacturer partners and great customers, have given us the opportunity to grow and expand. Today we are a team of 6, serving our industry in Manitoba and N.W. Ontario with hard work and much appreciation.

Our Team Members

Tim Gietz

Owner, Sales

Tim brings over a decade of experience in the lighting industry, including shipping/receiving, residential lighting sales, quotations, and commercial outside sales. Having joined the Handford Marketing team under the guidance and mentorship of Glen Handford, Tim understands the needs, desires, and expectations of his customers and how to best serve them. Tim is eager and committed to providing excellent customer service to all his customers in the Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario markets, as the owner of LumaRep.


Brittany Gietz

Owner, Operations


Angela Carson

Inside Sales, Quotations and Support

Angela has worked in project management and quotations for over 20 years with the last 15 years in commercial and residential lighting. She has served on the local IES Committee and is also an ALA Certified Lighting Specialist. She enjoys the challenges and rewards of providing superior customer service.


Liz Stone

Orders and Customer Service

Liz job-shares with Jeannie as part of the administrative team, helping to process and expedite orders efficiently and accurately. Her extensive background in retail sales and management has given her high standards in both work ethic and customer satisfaction. And her pleasant demeanor makes for happy customers.


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Manufacturers List



An LED lighting products manufacturer, established in Quebec in 2008. They are passionate about innovation, customer satisfaction and custom-tailored projects, do in-house R&D, and have 100% control of their supply chain. They supply both residential and commercial markets, with a wide variety of unique and surprising products: A broad range of LED tape, extrusions, power supplies and controllers; RGB floods/grazers; Cove and alcove lighting; Small form factor architectural wall fixtures; A beautifully thin linear pendant system; to name just a few.
CREE Lighting

CREE Lighting

Cree Lighting is committed to delivering the best solutions on the market, inspired by the needs of our customers and perfected by the knowledge and expertise of our engineers. Cree Lighting manufacturers LED lighting products for both Interior and Exterior spaces for a range of applications including Commercial, Industrial, Roadway, Retail, and Healthcare.
CrystalFrame by LSAV Inc.

CrystalFrame by LSAV Inc.

Providing the latest technology in interactive transparent displays for your advertising needs. Combined with the Crystal-OS software, the CrystalFrame becomes a marketing tool to entice users and acquire statistical data. Now you can reach unprecedented advertising levels by adding CrystalFrame to your strategies!


DALS Lighting is a manufacturer of designer lighting products focusing on smart, innovative and emerging technologies. DALS Lighting strive for excellent service, superior to market lead times, environmental innovation and product quality.
ET2 Contemporary Lighting

ET2 Contemporary Lighting

ET2 Contemporary Lighting collections artfully blend luxurious finishes, smooth surfaces, and bold angles with creative shapes and forms that transform ordinary rooms into exceptional spaces. Intelligent design meets sophisticated style. ET2 collections define the rooms they grace, and embrace advanced LED technology in a practical and beautiful way.


A décor line that encompasses all that is exquisite, from grand chandeliers and pendants, to outdoor and vanity. Creativity (forward thinking), originality (individuality), influence (social and environmental), and excellence (quality), are the key design values of Eurofase. These concepts support a perspective that shapes and symbolizes the fusion of lifestyle, luxury, and timelessness. Eurofase Lighting designs represent exclusivity, diversity, and distinctive craftsmanship.


Providing a diverse selection of high-quality innovative lighting that includes statement Chandeliers, alluring Pendants, contemporary Wall Mount or Ceiling Mount Lights, Vanity & Bath Lights, Track and Recessed lighting, Exterior fixtures, Cabinet and Display Lighting plus LED mirrors to name a few; for both residential and commercial applications. Fase1 Lighting offers products that deliver aesthetic appeal, stellar performance, and long-lasting tested quality. Depth in each category is extraordinary; for example, the exterior collection includes path lights, bollards, in-ground fixtures, underwater lighting, surface-mounted models, and more.

Golden Lighting

Based in Florida, Golden Lighting is a niche residential, hospitality and light-commercial lighting supplier offering unique designs at sharp price points. They have many product families that can be personalized by finish and color, allowing you the freedom to express yourself! Their designs and solid commitment to inventory put them in a good position to create "Elegant lighting for everyday living".

H.E. Williams

A third-generation, family-owned and -operated commercial lighting manufacturer, Williams has been In business for over 100 years. Produced in the U.S.A., Williams offers an innovative product portfolio that includes a full suite of LED luminaires and controls solutions that meet the needs of engineers, contractors, and end users.


An environmentally friendly solution to heating any area. Infrared heaters produce a clean, and safe ray of light that only affects the objects, warming it but not the air around it. With a variety of wattages, voltages, mounting solutions and control options, Innova Heating Co. is the perfect way to extend your outdoor season. All Innova heaters have optional décor plates and colours to fully customize your purchase.

Matthews Fan Company

Matthews Fan Company has been at the forefront of bringing unique ceiling, wall and portable fan products to both the residential and commercial markets since 1992. Their innovative fans combine traditional, contemporary and industrial designs with retrospective elements and always with high performance.
Maxilite Manufacturing Ltd.

Maxilite Manufacturing Ltd.

Maxilite has been a manufacturer and importer of unique decorative fixtures for over 40 years, and recently moved to a new and improved location in Pitt Meadows, BC. They offer over 1000 different decorative residential and light commercial fixtures. With their own paint line and machine shop, they have the capability to work with lighting designers to create custom pieces of all shapes, sizes & colors, and are actively involved in the hospitality, condominium, sanctuary and custom home markets.

Maxim Lighting

Maxim Lighting has been refining and redefining cutting-edge lighting trends for nearly 50 years. Dramatic silhouettes, warm welcoming glows, soft sensual illumination for connection and comfort. With over 4,000 distinct and noteworthy designs to their credit, they offer the finishing touches you've been looking for in lighting, from traditional to contemporary.

Nemalux Industrial

Nemalux designs & manufactures industry-leading LED lighting solutions for indoor & outdoor industrial, commercial & hazardous locations. Founded in 2003 in Calgary, AB, Canada, Nemalux has built it’s reputation on durable, safe, high quality LED products, value-added engineering, dependable service, and ethical business practices. Their adherence to a high standard of ethical conduct is not only the right thing to do; it helps them earn the trust and respect of their customers, shareholders, employees and the communities around them.

Pioneer Lighting

Since 1992, Pioneer has consistently provided customers quick turnaround on quality, competitively-priced lighting products from their 55,000 sq.ft. facility in Toronto, ON. All design, assembly, manufacturing, and warehousing are done on premises with the latest tooling and components, using ONLY nationally-recognized brand name LED boards, drivers, ballasts, and lampholders. They offer an extensive range of LED fixtures utilizing the latest technology, fully integrated light engines, available in a wide variety of lumen packages and color temperatures.

Prairie Pole

Prairie Pole has been serving Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwest Ontario with high quality light standard poles and custom fabrication work since 2014. With stock of Aluminum and Steel poles on hand, they can help eliminate the lead time and freight damage that is generally associated with pole-ordering. They have a full-service shop that can complete custom orders in a timely fashion, and are conveniently located just 35 minutes outside of Winnipeg in Steinbach, Manitoba.

SNOC, Inc.

SNOC has been creating cast aluminum outdoor luminaires in Quebec for the Canadian market since 1954. They maintain their excellent quality by doing all manufacturing in-house, and offer a lifetime warranty on their aluminum castings throughout the wide range of outdoor lanterns, post-top fixtures, mailboxes, house numbers and landscape lighting. With a plethora of paint finishes and glass styles, a range of commercial-sized lanterns, special arms and accessories, and many LED options, SNOC is a great Canadian choice, from lighting your home, to streetscaping your Downtown.

Studio M

Studio M strives to create unique lighting that breathes life into classical forms through innovative design and master craftsmanship. These works respond to a conscious cultural shift where architecture, fashion, entertainment, and design interrelate. These distinctive designer-series lighting products were made with the support of Maxim Group Companies, a company that has defined lifestyle lighting for half a century.


Turolight offers superior quality lighting products carefully selected from their manufacturing partners. Their promise is to stay at the leading edge of innovative and technological advancements, with a focus on delivering continued energy savings while being environmentally mindful. Their team approach and continuous pursuit of excellence offers “Best Solutions” for their customers.

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